Monday, December 14, 2009

Take 2...

So, like, where do I even begin talking about this family? You may recognize them from a previous post, in fact we just had their first shoot Thanksgiving weekend at the pier in Oceanside.

I thought their pictures turned out great, and she loved them too, and then I dropped my laptop and busted my hard drive.

And lost alot of pictures.

Including the ones she had just fallen in love with.


And there's even MORE to the story, because the original shoot was at the worst time of day for light, my favorite lens had inside condensation, I couldn't get CJ to smile at me, and I knew immediately when I saw the download that I wanted a reshoot.

So despite the sadness that goes with the laptop and lost data and whatnot, I was absolutely delighted to be able to do it over.

Anja is an amazing lady, an incredible mother, and stinkin' adorably in love with her man.

He was all day with this silly tongue.

What I love: they are all doing their own thing.
But I really love how happy Dad looks...

He throws her in the air like a babydoll!

So Stinking Cute!

Guess who is three?
Little Man

Much more generous with the smiles.

Baby toss.
An Outtake.

My favorite.



And the cutest piece of cutie pie you've ever seen.

California Family

Also my favorite.

Give Mama kiss.
I like how they are all in this one.

Magic Hour Silhouette Shots.

Magic Hour Kiss

Did I mention she is a gymnast?
I totally want to take her on a trip around the world to get a series of pictures like this one...

I hope she likes them at least as much as the first set, if not more...

Sunday, December 6, 2009